Full Moon Circle

Full Moon Circles


Celebrate the Full Moon each month with the Full Moon Circle ONLINE.

The Full Moon Circle is part of the Circle Sanctuary Community.

Full Moon Circle evenings are held on or near the evening of the Full Moon, and typically are held 7-9 PM. Each evening includes ritual, meditation, discussion, and socializing. Depending on focus and weather, some or all of the evening may be held outdoors. Full Moon Circle evenings are facilitated by Selena Fox and/or other members of the Full Moon Circle.

The Full Moon Circle is open to adult women and men. 

Please RSVP in advance in order to get more details.  Use the form below, call 608-924-2216, or email circle@circlesanctuary.org.

Free to current Circle Sanctuary members; by donations for others.

Full Moon Circle Evenings in 2020 are ONLINE until further notice

  • Friday, July 3: Lady Liberty
    Attune to and work with the Goddess of Freedom in Her ancient Pagan Roman form of Libertas and in some of Her American Lady Liberty forms on this eve of American Independence Day. 
  • Monday, August 3: Lammastide
    Explore ancient and contemporary traditions and symbols associated with Lammas/Lughnasadh and the grain harvest.
  • Tuesday, September 1: Herbal Charms
    Learn about Witch Bottles, Dream Pillows, Spirit Bags, Amulet Sprigs, and other types of charms made of herbs for protection, healing, creative awakening, prosperity, and wellness. Craft an herbal charm at Full Moon time. Bring a small amulet bag, square of cloth, or pouch to use in making a charm.
  • Thursday, October 1: Witch Wands
    Explore and experience Witchy ways of working with wands. If possible, bring a wand to use during the workshop and ritual. Some Mugwort stalk wands will be available for those in need.
  • Saturday, October 31: Samhain Blue Moon (part of Samhain Festival)
    Join in the celebration of Samhain, Halloween, Days of the Dead, and the Blue Moon Full Moon by taking part in some or all of Circle Sanctuary's Samhain Festival.
  • Monday, November 30: Sacred Feathers
    Learn some ways to work with different types of feathers and feather symbols as part of spiritual life. If possible, bring a feather and/or feather image to use in meditation.
  • Tuesday, December 29: New Year Divination
    Look ahead to Calendar Year 2021 through Divination experiences. If possible, bring a deck of Tarot and/or Oracle cards to use, plus a journal and pen.

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Please note: to allow for processing, registration for each full moon will close at 12pm Central time on the day of the event.